An Example of A Poorly and Improperly Assembled Playset
April 15, 2018
New England Playset Assembly, Voorheesville, NY
April 18, 2018
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New England Playset Assembly, Brookfield, CT

Lifetime Adventure Tower Deluxe Playset Assembly in Greenville, RIWe Assembled and Installed this Lifetime Adventure Tower Deluxe Playset in Brookfield, CT.

Here’s what our customer had to say:

“We were very happy with the service!  They did a GREAT job on the assembly, arrived promptly, worked efficiently, and we would definitely recommend the service to anyone who is looking to install a playset.  Thank you!”

Meredith Adams, Brookfield, CT



Lifetime Adventure Tower Deluxe Swing Set Assembly in Greenville, RI

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