Thank you for the opportunity to serve you!

We assemble and install all brands and models, with the exception of a few that we have deemed unsafe.

New England Playset Assembly, LLC was started by Stan Hallett, who began building playsets back in the 1970s. Back then he designed and built them from the ground up.

“We began assembling playsets and swing sets in the state of Maine, which quickly evolved to include New Hampshire and Massachusetts and eventually all of New England.”

You’ll Know the Price Upfront

We provide exact price quotes upfront, rather than estimates.  You’ll know what you will be paying upfront, with no surprises and no upcharges for travel.

Dependable Assembly Dates

We often hear from customers how another installer did not show up or canceled an assembly date with little or no notice.  While things can happen, this is an extremely uncommon thing for us. We show up on the appointed day and at the appointed time 99.9% of the time. We are committed to complete your assembly often even in light to moderate rain.

Get Your Swing Set or Playset Assembled Sooner

We do have competition so feel free to check them out.  However, most are individuals that get booked up very quickly each assembly season. We have several experienced professionals that are located all over New England. Because of this we typically never get booked up beyond 7-14 days on average.  Often our competition is booked up for months.

We Have the Best Reviews

Please be sure to check out the reviews of anyone that you would hire.  We hear and read about a lot of nightmare stories right here in New England.  If they do not have any good reviews, a lot of bad reviews, or no reviews at all, please be very wary.  Please read our extensive list of reviews on this site and our 5 Star reviews on Facebook.

Experienced Professional Installers

New England Playset Assembly, LLC uses only experienced, independent playset installers. Each lead installer bears full responsibility for the safe and proper assembly and installation of your playset or swing set. Most installers have years of experience and have assembled and installed hundreds of swing sets and playsets.

Always The Personal Touch

You won’t get a computer, an answering service, or even an employee when you call or email us. Even though Stan has retired from doing the actual swing set and playset assemblies, he is the only one you will talk to when you call or email. It’s just the way that we do business and why we are the best in New England at what we do.

Most emails and quotes are responded to within minutes during the business day.  If you get Stan’s voicemail when you call, it only means that he’s on the line with another customer, or busy for a few moments.  Leave a message, and he’ll call you right back, personally.

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