• Select a site in your yard that is level and free of rocks, stumps, tall grass, trees, and other protrusions.
  • Site preparation must be complete prior to the installation date.
  • Select a site that has good drainage and does not collect water. Swing sets installed in areas of poor drainage will void product warranty.
  • ASTM Guidelines recommend a 6 foot safety zone around your entire play set. Add this safety zone to the dimensions shown for the Gorilla Play Set model you are purchasing. Also make sure that there are not any overhead protrusions such as tree branches.


  • Please make sure that all of the boxes have arrived. Please do not open any sealed boxes. However, if any boxes arrive open or damaged, please inventory these boxes for missing or damaged parts. Each box should have it’s own inventory sheet.
  • Please move all loose pieces to the playset area.  We will move any heavy sealed boxes, but it adds a lot of time to our day if we need to move armfuls of loose pieces.  There would be an additional charge for this service.
  • Any missing parts should be ordered and received before we arrive to assemble your playset. We are not responsible for any parts that are damaged or missing. A second trip to install them would have to be worked out with the assembler, and would require an additional charge.


  • Please be sure that the playset area, and the surrounding work area is clear and unobstructed.
  • If your playset is on grass, it should be freshly mowed. It makes it very difficult to find any dropped screws in tall grass.  We do not want a child to be injured that may step on a sharp pointed screw after the assembly.
  • If you are using a fill such as mulch, wood chips, pea gravel, etc., please add this after the playset is assembled and installed. The playset must sit on, and be anchored to solid ground.
  • Homeowner will keep children away from the work area until the installer gives the OK to start playing.
  • Homeowner will keep all dogs inside or leashed away from the work area until the installer leaves the property.
  • Please be sure that all pet feces have been cleaned up in the area.all lawn sprinklers have been turned off, and any lawn care services have been canceled for the day.
  • Homeowner will insure that all lawn sprinklers have been turned off and will be responsible for any sprinkler system components that will interfere with the installation of the swing set.
  • Installer will not be responsible for damage to sprinkler system components located within the designated work area.


  • Please be aware that all installation dates are tentative due to unforeseen circumstances that may arise, such as inclement weather.
  • We typically work when there is just occasional light showers, or rain just a small part of the day. It is a judgement call on the part of the installer, but we really try our best to get your assembly completed on the day it was scheduled.
  • If however a steady rain is predicted for the day or even a good part of the day, we will need to cancel.  The assembly manuals tend to get ruined, as well as our cordless drivers, cordless drills, battery chargers, and other tools.
  • If we do need to cancel, then we will reschedule as soon as possible.  It may mean assigning it to someone else to work it in, or even doing two in a day. We will always do out best to get your playset assembly completed as soon as possible.


  • We typically arrive between 7 and 8 a.m. unless other arrangements have been made. Your assembler has your contact phone number and will call you if they are going to be more than 5 or 10 minutes late.
  • Sometimes your assembler may have two assemblies in one day.  In this case they will call you in advance to work out the arrival time with you, should it be different than between 7 and 8 a.m.


  • We require that you or an adult representative at least 18 years of age be home during the installation. This individual must have the authority to authorize correct placement of the swing set and to make decisions or answer questions that may arise. Moving the swing set after installation will result in additional charges.
  • If you must leave, please make sure that we are able to reach you. Also, please make sure that either the assembler has payment before you leave, OR you have made arrangements to have this done upon completion of the assembly.


  • Installation includes ground leveling up to 6 inches of workable soil (not rocky or full of roots) where the playset contacts the ground. It does not include total site leveling or other site preparation.
  • Any additional ground leveling or site preparation needed to install the swing set will result in additional costs payable directly to the installer at the time of installation.
  • Pictures of your yard may be necessary to help ensure that the installer is not surprised by anything out of the ordinary.
  • The area where you want the playset placed needs to be FLAT and LEVEL. As with most playset kits, if the ground is not level, the playset will not be level, and possibly unsafe.
  • In addition to safety concerns, some playsets simply cannot be constructed on an area that is not flat and level. This is particularly important when there are two towers, or fort structures connected by a bridge or stairs.
  • You can check the levelness yourself by measuring and marking out the size area needed for your playset.  Then with some inexpensive wood stakes, line, and a line level obtained at your local hardware store, you can check the area for levelness front to back, and side to side.
  • If you are unsure if the area is flat and level across an area large enough for your playset, please consult a landscaper. We cannot make a special trip out to survey your site, due to our schedule and the distances that we travel.
  • It is the homeowner’s responsibility to the insure that the area is sufficiently flat and level to assemble and install your particular playset.
  • We cannot sink the playset posts or sections into the soil to level the playset. All wood placed beneath the soil will rot regardless of the type of wood.


  • We do not provide general landscaping or earth moving services.  We do not have the equipment or tools to do so, nor is there typically sufficient time for us to do this, as well as assemble the playset in the course of a work day.  Due to the distance that we typically travel it is more cost effective for you to hire a local landscaper for this purpose.


  • We assemble your playset exactly as instructed in the assembly manual. Alterations may cause damage to the playset, or other safety and liability issues.


  • Please make sure that all pets, children, and helpful or curious adults are kept out of the area. Our typical day is very full and we need to be able to work safely, quickly, and as uninterrupted as possible.


  • Please aware that the majority of these playsets are imported from China. Even though the wood is often referred to as “cedar”, or perhaps “Chinese cedar”, it is not. The wood is actually a cypress wood (Cunninghamia Lanceolata) that is a major export from China.  It is a very fast growing cypress wood that has many of the rot resistant characteristics of cedar, but it is much more brittle than cedar.
  • Often boards arrive already damaged or split.  In addition even though many arrive pre-drilled, or we pre-drill them, and then only seat the screw flush or just slightly below the surface, they still split.  This is typically not the fault of the assembler.
  • Any damaged, or missing boards can be replaced by the manufacturer.  Most playset companies are very aware of this issue, and are very good about sending replacement boards.  However we cannot return and install any replacement pieces and include that in the original assembly fee. You can negotiate with the assembler, do it yourself, or hire a local handyman to do it for you.


  • Typically there are not any up-charges for the vast majority of assemblies.  Some examples of the need for an up-charge would be:
  • A.) Installation cost includes most locations throughout New England. For the rare case of remote locations, an additional mileage charge may apply.
  • B.) Someone has attempted to put the playset together, and due to improper assembly we have to take it apart and start over, etc. adding a significant amount of work and time to the assembly. In addition sometimes parts are missing, or strewn around so that they are difficult to find. Sometime parts have been sitting exposed to weather for so long that they become damaged, or it is difficult or impossible to see part numbers. 
  • C.) The area that the playset is going is far away from where the boxes are, or we have to move them over difficult terrain, adding significantly to the assembly time and labor. We price assemblies based on moving the playset boxes typically from the average garage or driveway around to the other side of the house with good access, to a typical back yard area within close proximity to the house.
  • D.) The boxes have been opened with loose parts away from the assembly area.  Transporting armfuls of loose parts can add time to our assembly time and labor.
  • E.) We are asked to do some leveling of the playset area that is within our capability, but is not included in the assembly price.
  • Up-charges for these types of issues are at the discretion of the assembler. These should be stated by the assembler either up front, or at the time the assembler is asked to do the additional work, or as soon as the assembler realizes that there will be additional time and labor involved.


  • If an assembly is taking longer than usual due to problems or issues, please do not ask your assembler to work in the dark.  Nor should you allow them to work in the dark.  They cannot assemble your playset properly and safely working in darkness. In addition you cannot properly inspect it for final payment if its dark out. They must stop at dusk and return to complete the assembly in the daylight.


  • The installer will condense all packaging materials and place them in or near your trash bins.


  • Please be sure that you have inspected the playset and are happy with the assembly prior to the final payment. Your payment constitutes acceptance. Due to our schedule and the distance traveled we are unable to return to address any issues.
  • Your lead assembler is an independent contractor.  Please speak to them about any issues or concerns that you may have.  However, if an issue cannot be resolved, or you are unhappy with your assembly, I would like to know about it.


  • The balance due upon successful completion of your playset and is required to be paid in CASH, and not a personal check, as stated in the ‘Terms and Conditions’ on your deposit invoice, and on our website. Please have cash payment ready in advance.
  • Our crews travel all over New England, often working long days, so banking and other check related issues can be difficult for them. At the same time they have daily travel and work expenses to meet.
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