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May 19, 2016
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May 8, 2017
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Amazon & Go Configure Cancelling Playset Assemblies

It seems that Amazon has added assembly service with the playsets that they sell.  However, we are getting a lot of bad reports from customers.

What we are hearing is that after they schedule an assembly date that either Amazon or Go Configure calls and cancels the assembly just before the assembly date. This is leaving these very unhappy customers in need of another assembler, which could take weeks during the busy assembly season, not no mention some very disappointed children.

I’m guessing the obvious here, that Amazon or Go Configure as a middleman who then uses independent assemblers to do the work.  I also assume based on the pricing that I have heard that Amazon does not know how to price the assemblers for the market in each region. I also assume that they are taking a sizable chunk of the fee as profit leaving little for the assembler.  Therefore they are not able to find qualified assemblers for the fee that they are offering, and are forced to cancel on the customer at the last moment.

I just had another one this morning where the lady said that Amazon charged her almost $150. oo more than our price for an assembly only to cancel a day before the assembly was scheduled.

We at New England Playset Assembly have had to reschedule assemblies, which were mostly rain-related,  but we have never canceled an assembly, ever.

We have also been reading a lot of bad reviews on Go Configure.  But don’t take my word for it.  Check them out on Yelp and elsewhere, like or where the service is hit and miss.  You may get great service or very bad.


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