New England Playset Assembly, Gray, ME
July 16, 2018
New England Playset Assembly, Lynn, MA
July 18, 2018
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New England Playset Assembly, Wrentham, MA

We assembled this Backyard Discovery Liberty II Playset in Wrentham, MA.

What made this assembly a little difficult was that the ground under the ground cloth was not flat and level.  It was very uneven with holes that we would fall into while trying to assemble this playset.  This required additional labor for us, having to pull back the ground cloth or weed barrier to fill or level out the soil so that the playset would sit correctly and on solid ground

We specialize in assembling and installing Backyard Discovery Swing Sets and Playsets. Most playsets are assembled and installed in one day.  Most playsets take the average family two to four weekends to assemble depending on the size of the playset.

All of our installers are independent contractors and are insured and carry full liability insurance. Because we have several experienced crews all over New England, we can typically assemble and install your playset sooner than anyone else.

Simply complete the Quote Request form and we’ll get a firm quote for your assembly back to you within minutes.


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