New England Playset Assembly, South Hadley, MA
July 5, 2017
New England Playset Assembly, Randolph, ME
July 6, 2017
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New England Playset Assembly, South Hamilton, MA

Backyard Discovery Skyfort II AssemblyWe Assembled and Installed this Backyard Discovery Skyfort II in South Hamilton, MA.

This was a particularly difficult assembly with an area that had been extensively landscaped, ground cloth put down, but was still very un-level.

When we saw the way it arrived with the loose pieces strapped to a pallet, we were sure there would be some missing.

Crushed rock was used to build up the playset area.  It was so hard that we were unable to put in the provided anchors in a couple locations.

At the end of the day, we got it done and the children were smiling!

Here’s what our customer had to say:

“After 2 weeks of a complete and utter screw up by an online retailer’s assembly services – I reached out to Stan at New England Playset and told him we were in need of assembly ASAP in time for our son’s birthday. He set us up (on a holiday weekend) for assembly within days and I couldn’t have asked for faster response time.

The assembly crew was punctual, hard working and were tolerant of a few items we needed to work out in the middle of their assembly! Our boys were laughing an playing on the set by 5 pm and we couldn’t take them off it.

I highly recommend them! As new homeowners undergoing a renovation – I’ve dealt with over 40 vendors this year and their standard is one I wish I had seen more of, it was far and away the best!”

Melissa Sachsel, South Hamilton, MA

Backyard Discovery Skyfort II

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