New England Playset Assembly, South Easton, MA
June 2, 2017
New England Playset Assembly, Barrington, RI
June 4, 2017
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New England Playset Assembly, Glastonbury, CT

We assembled and Installed this Gorilla Catalina Swing Set in Glastonbury, CT.

The Baby swing pictured can be ordered additionally.

A lot of people use wood chips, pea gravel, or even rubber mulch under the playset. Personally, I like just grass.

I often tell people that they use to put them on asphalt when I was a kid. 

We like Gorilla Playsets the best.

Here’s what the customer of this assembly had to say:

“Carl and his wife were absolutely wonderful. They were punctual, extremely organized and very pleasant. They were very professional and very knowledgeable.  I give them my highest recommendation and will be referring them to friends and family.” 

Kyle and Meaghan MacDonald, Glastonbury, CT

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