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July 4, 2014
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July 19, 2014
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CedarWorks Refinishing

I like the quality, ruggedness, and durability of the CedarWorks swing sets, but I never liked the fact that they came unfinished.  They look great when they are new, but all too quickly they turn to the ugly grey of old unprotected wood.

We can assemble and install new or used CedarWorks playsets and swing sets, then we can stain and seal them with traditional playset colors, or any color that you want.  This not only keeps them looking nice for years, but it protects your investment.  This helps protect them from age and rot that occurs on all wooden playsets and swing set no matter what the wood species is.

We reassembled this old weathered CedarWorks Playset after a move, then we refinished it with a quality stain and sealer giving it new life. If you don’t like the gray aged look of your old natural cedar playset, give us a call. We can disassemble, move, repair, reassemble, and refinish your CedarWorks playset.

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