New England Playset Assembly, Bethany, CT
July 31, 2014
New England Playset Assembly, Lincoln, MA
August 7, 2014
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New England Playset Assembly, Higganum, CT

Adventure Playsets Windsor IIWe assembled this Adventure Playsets Windsor II Swing Set in Higganum, CT on 7/31/14.

Adventure Playsets is also known and Backyard Discovery, Backyard Adventure, and Create-An-Adventure Playsets and Swing Sets.

The wood referred to as cedar is not real cedar at all. It is sometimes called “Chinese Cedar” and often “Chinese Fir” by the lumber industry. In truth it is actually a Cypress (Cunninghamia Lanceolata). While it still has many of the insect and rot resistant characteristics of cedar, it is lighter weight and much more brittle in my opinion.


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